Time for the Super Bowl


Planning a Super Bowl Party can be a ton of fun along with a bit of work.  Plan a party filled with friends, food, games and fun!  One that is kid, teen, and adult friendly and is a favorite event which is anticipated each year.  There is nothing better than a bunch of friends and families coming together to celebrate one of America’s favorite sports.  Although, that maybe questionable after the 2017 start to the NFL season, but we won’t go there!!  Let’s just have a party!!!

First, make sure you invite your guests a week or two before the Super Bowl so they can be sure to make plans to be there.  Have your guests arrive about 30 minutes to one hour before game time so they may sign up for all the games, fill their cups with drinks and plates with food, and enjoy the pre-game excitement.

When organizing games for the Super Bowl party, keep them fun and not over-whelming.  Finish the games by halftime so those with children can leave if needed; when will the NFL get smart and move the Super Bowl to Saturday?  Organize the games ahead of time.  Print out labels, gather fun prizes, and get everything ready so you can enjoy your party as much as your guests.


Football Squares – When guests arrive, we ask them to sign up on various squares for a chance to win a variety of prizes.  To play Football Squares, you start with a 10 X 10 grid with 100 squares.  One side will be assigned to each team.  In the squares people write their name, once the squares are filled, randomly assign numbers to each column.  Next, at the end of each quarter one winner will be rewarded with a prize.  The winner is determined by looking at the last number in each teams’ score and then matching those numbers to board, seeing which square intersects those two numbers.  This year, the prize for each quarter is a different candy bouquet.  In the past, we have found a variety of fun gifts, wrapped them and had people randomly pick a prize which is what we will do for the other games this year.

1st Quarter Prize
2nd Quarter Prize
3rd Quarter Prize
4th Quarter Prize
Football Square Prizes

Other Games:

Chocolate Football Guessing Game – Put some chocolate footballs into a clear jar, be sure to count them first and have your guests guess how many.  This can be a kid’s game or all can participate, everyone loves a good guessing game.  The prize for the guessing game can simply be the chocolate that is in the jar or you can get a prize to give away.  You can even hide a lottery ticket or gift card in the middle for guest to be surprised with when they open the jar.

Football Trivia:  Print out the following questions and have two buckets labeled with each team’s name.  When guests arrive, they answer the question by putting their name on a paper and place it in one of the buckets which will answer that question.  When the event occurs, blindly pull one name out of the correct team’s bucket.  That person wins a prize.  Depending on the amount of questions you have, you will need the same number of prizes.  Prizes can consist of anything you find including lottery tickets, candy, football items, drink mixes, food, or just fun gifts you find as you shop.   Keep it silly and fun!!

1. Will the score for ___________ be even or odd after the 1st half?
2. Which team will have the final possession in the 1st half?
3. Which team will score first?
4. Which team will have the first injury timeout?
5. Which team will fumble first?
6. Which team will use a coach’s challenge first?
7. Which team will call the first timeout?

Game Prizes

Although we finish our games at half-time, here are a few more ideas of other questions you may want to ask your guests.

How long will it take the singer to perform the national anthem?
What will the first penalty be?
Who will be the game MVP?
What will the sum of the final score be?
How long will the game last?
During which half of the game will the most points be scored?
What’s the total points scored by both teams at the end of the game?

The problem with games is people are excited at the beginning of the game and lose interest by the end and the host must remember to keep track of the games.  By ending the games at halftime, we can enjoy the Super Bowl game, commercials, half-time show and the people who were kind enough to join us for our party.

Kids are involved in all of the games we play on Super Bowl Sunday but to make the party a bit more special for them, we have a piñata for the little ones to enjoy.  The football shaped piñata for the kids filled with football whistles, candy and other little items we find as we shop for the party.  Piñatas are the highlight of halftime for the kids, just be sure not to do the piñata during the Super Bowl’s halftime entertainment show. Take time to enjoy it all, there is plenty of time afterwards!The more things there are to do at your party, the more fun your guests will have. Set up corn hole or Redneck golf outside on a nice day or in the basement for days that are cold and snowy.  Make sure to have televisions or the sounds of the game playing everywhere your guests are hanging out.  Keep them entertained, drinks flowing and well fed.

Keep your menu in the theme of a football game.  Think of what football stadiums serve when you attend your favorite football team’s game and go with that.  Some of our favorite are:

Sliders – 
Hot dogs and buns – Put the hot dogs in a crock pot to stay hot all game long!!
Nacho Bar – Chips, salsa, nacho cheese dip, jalapeños, bean dip, sour cream, etc.
Artichoke dip – 

Potato chips and dip
Popcorn, peanuts, Cracker Jacks, cotton candy – all the vendors favorites
Snacks all around the house such as trail mix, popcorn, M&Ms, peanuts, etc.

Super Bowl parties can certainly be kept healthier if one desires.  Just come up with a menu that fits your tastes and life-style.

Drinks will be flowing throughout the Super Bowl party so be sure to have plenty of water, beer, soda, a variety of mixers, juice boxes for the kids and more water!!  By purchasing individual bottled drinks, it will make it easier and more fun for the host as you will not have to worry about refilling everyone’s drinks.  Have coolers filled with drinks so guests can help themselves.    This is also true with desserts, make your desserts or purchase them the day before and cut them into individual sizes so friends may grab a bite and run back to the TV.  Some dessert ideas are Rice Crispy Treats, Brownies, cookies, cupcakes, or just small candy bars.  Keep it simple is my moto.

Overall, the main thing about having a Super Bowl party is to be prepared when your guests arrive.  Have the food and games set up before anyone arrives.  When they arrive, you will be able to greet them and not be running around crazy trying to get those last minute things done.  If you are prepared, you will have a great time yourself.  Whether you like football or not, this is a party that is sure to be fun for everyone!!  Go Team!!

A New Beginning

Why do we get into habits and then lose them?  Why do we make decisions that we know are not the best for us or our bodies?  Four years ago, I was determined to change my life with diet and exercise.  Four years ago, I took that initial step and walked into the gym, met my first trainer and started on my goal of a lifestyle change.  Over months of hard work, I lost over twenty pounds and gained a healthy lifestyle.  Over the last several months, I have fallen into some bad habits again and felt less motivated.  Today, I want to gain back my determination and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Today, I will start over again and become that person who makes healthy decisions and is motivated to achieve goals.  Today, is a new beginning to a new me.

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Today I set out to run 3 miles and I did.  I am so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful states, Colorado.  As I set out to run on this beautiful 70 degree morning, I headed to the lake, parked my car, retied my shoes and set out to run my miles.  What a beautiful day and a great run!  Although it was not easy, it felt great to run because I was determined.
As I ran today, I focused on the running I did do in the month of May.  I had a few amazing running events that I attended including the Race for the Cure Las Vegas, Colfax 10 miler, and Bolder Boulder.  Although my training suffered, I was determined to run in the races that I signed up for…one benefit of signing up for events!!

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In honor of my sister, I walked the Race for the Cure in Las Vegas.  The day was beautiful as my sister, her friend, my husband and I set out to join the massive pink crowd to support those who are fighting or fought breast cancer.  The atmosphere was incredible with all everyone in pink, names of survivors or memories of those who dies on walker/runners backs and just the sense of support was everywhere.   This walk was extra special because my sister is a survivor.

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Next run of May was the Colfax 10 miler.  As I set out the morning of the run, I knew I was not prepared for ten miles but I was determined to complete it.  This was also the first run I did solo as my husband was off on a fishing weekend and I wondered how it would be running solo.   I met a couple of friends and we went to the start line together.  We watched as marathoners approached and cheered them on.  It was finally our time to start and off we went running down Colfax Street, through the stadium that the Denver Broncos play football, alongside Elitch Gardens, and through the streets of downtown Denver.  Runners who partake in either the half marathon and the full marathon run through the Denver Zoo but those running in the 10 milers only run alongside the zoo.  Finally, as I enter City Park and hear people cheering, I know I am close to finishing which was a blessing!  During this run, I did my share of walking and jogging and finished in just under two hours.  I was not disappointed with my time as I planned to walk and run those crazy 10 miles.  I was just pleased to be done!!

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My final run this month and in honor of all who died for our country, I ran Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day with my husband back by my side!  This is truly one of our favorite running events.  The entire Boulder community comes out to support the runners with their cheers, dances, fun and food!! Yes, people are handing out candy, marshmallows, Doritos, and even bacon!!  Best of all is the support for our great country, the USA, fills the air!  Everyone has great pride in the military and the USA which is apparent during this run.  People are dressed in red, white and blue.  Many have flags with their loved one’s names on their backs.  I started a tradition a couple of years ago and put a picture of my son on my back.  The first year he was pictured next to his Grandfather both in uniform.  This year and last, I had a picture of my son and Grandson on my back.  I know the great sacrifices that military families give to our great country and with that I thank them!  The biggest struggle I had with Bolder Boulder is the final hill going into the stadium but once on top,  the crowd is roaring and the cheers continue as you run around the stadium to the finish line.  This run gives me the amazingly feeling of being blessed to have freedom and live in the USA!

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As I reflect on May,I know that my month was difficult when it comes to training but I also know that I accomplished some pretty great runs!  I am ready to begin again and have the dedication and determination to healthy eating, making the right decisions, and committing to exercise.  Today, it all begins.  Today, I make no more excuses.  Today is the day to put me first and to do what’s right for me!




Two Runs in Two Days: Pat’s Run and Cherry Creek Sneak

Two Runs in Two Days:  Pat’s Run and Cherry Creek Sneak

Pat’s Run – Day 1

Sometimes your mind and body are into it and sometimes it is not.  I was hyped to run in Phoenix with the warm sun and the low altitude.  I felt that 4.2 miles was going to be no problem.  

We left Denver on Friday, April 21st with excitement to run in the 13th Annual Pat’s Run in honor of Pat Tillman and our Military Heroes and their families.  Pat’s Run is the 2nd largest Military Race and the 18th largest national race.  Pat’s Run is one of the most inspiring runs that we have participated in.

Pat’s Run is such a wonderful, patriotic run with flag flying high and the air is full of pride and excitement.  Runners bring their best with a memory of their own solider, family member and American pride.  This year over 28,000 runners showed up to run/walk Pat’s Run.  This was an amazing sight!!  Imagine 28,000 runners with the same agenda, pride and enthusiasm!  The day was incredible.

Although at Pat’s Run I was very motivated to put my best forward but my body had a different idea of how it would react during my run today.  We started out at a nice pace running through the streets of Tempe across the bridge and around the park.  Then came the dreaded hill by the zoo.  Anyone who has run in Phoenix/Tempe know That Hill!  Coming off of a bout with bronchitis, my lungs and legs did not want to participate any longer. Without stopping, I told myself “slow down, don’t stop”.  This helps me remember to pace myself or slow down.  I find that once I stop and walk, the run becomes that much more difficult.  

Finally, we were crossing back over another bridge and were heading back. In sight came ASU’s football stadium, our hotel (can’t I just stop here?) and runners who were excited to that they were  getting close to the 42 yard line where we cross the finish line.  Keep on running, I tell myself, don’t stop!! The parking lot, what a wonderful sight, where we weaved through and then enter the stadium where the roar of the crowd gave each runner the last bit of energy to make it across the finish line.  Gary and I finish side by side throwing our arms up.  We did it!  We were finished…4.2 miles.  

Yes, the sun was warm with low altitude and it was “only” 4.2 miles but sometimes 4.2 miles is harder than longer runs. Just when you think something is easy, it can be one of the most difficult things you have to do, in running or life.  After beating myself up a bit, I reminded myself of my accomplishments. 4.2miles in 43 minutes…not bad!

Cherry Creek Sneak  Day 2:  Running with a Plan

We were able to get on an earlier flight back to Denver in preparation of our Sunday, April 23rd run through the beautiful Cherry Creek section of Denver, CO.  This time we will be running with a plan since yesterday’s run gave me some doubt that my body was possibly not ready for 5 miles.  Our plan, run to three miles and walk if needed.  I can do this!!  

After a nice breakfast at the Marriott, we were ready to hit the streets.  Right outside of our hotel was the start line.  The hustle,bustle of the crowd always gets me pumped up and this morning was no different.  My mind was ready and I was excited.  Today was going to be a good day.  Run to three and if I am tired, I can stop without disappointment.  

As the gun went off and the crowd began to run, I was feeling good.  It was a much cooler day than the day before in Phoenix, I forgot what it was like to run in the heat.  This Colorado Sunday morning was simply beautiful. As we ran, I could not stop thinking about how lucky I was to see all the beauty of Cherry Creek.  My mind was in a good spot as I kept telling myself to “go slow and steady”.  “Pace yourself” kept going through my head.  

The course was fairly flat which is unheard of for any race in Colorado. Running past mile one, mile two…and finally hitting mile three.  My mind went from our game plan to there is no way I am walking the next two miles, no way!!  I just kept running! Mile 4 and yes!!!!! Mile 5…the finish line!! Today was a great day for a run!  Slow but steady worked today!

Lesson Learned

Saturday during Pat’s Run, I wanted to quit.  I beat myself up for not doing my best even through we finished the run in 43 minutes which I was very pleased.  Sunday, we finished 5 miles in 55 minutes.  Both runs were in the time that I would expect so why was I so disappointed one day and fine the next?  

The lesson I learned during this weekend’s running is to be careful of negative self-talk because it can make or break you.  In running, negative self-talk can make you stop or think that you are not good enough which is really no different than life itself.  When we negative self talk, we tend to give up or quit.  Running is such a mind game.  Some days are good and some days are great.

Stay positive, talk to yourself and remind yourself that some days or runs will be harder than other but with determination, you can achieve anything. Never give up on yourself and most of all enjoy life’s great adventures!!!

My Motivation to stay healthy! Go Grammy, GO!

Easter Weekend – Disney Adventure

Thursday morning I woke up to the my husband Gary’s thoughts of a new adventure.  Disneyland sounds fun this weekend, doesn’t it?  He asked.  Well, yes it does!  We could leave Friday evening spend all day Saturday in Disneyland, then fly home Sunday just in time for Easter celebrations, he added.  After some thought and some quick planning, our weekend adventure became a reality.


Emma, our God-daughter and great-niece is seven years old is the lucky recipient of this adventure.  She has been traveling with us since she was two years old and we love making memories with her.  Our weekend remained a surprise to everyone except for obtaining permission from Emma’s parents to take her out of town for the weekend.

Friday finally came and our work day came to an end.  Emma came to our house in thoughts that she was spending the night and we were taking her to swimming lessons the following day but awaiting for her was a huge surprise.

We told Emma we decided we did not want to stay home this weekend and asked her if she wanted to go for an airplane ride.  She was stunned and was not sure what was going on.  She agreed to go on our adventure with us and off to the airport we went.  Emma started guessing where we were going but we kept it a mystery for just a little longer.

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After dinner at Root Down DIA, we roamed the airport trying to figure out where we were going.  The question was, where should we go?  Seattle?  Nashville?  San Diego? Kansas City?  Austin? Phoenix? Los Angeles?  YES, Los Angeles!!  8:50 Friday night, we hoped on a flight to LA arriving at 10:15.  Checked into the hotel.  Exhausted, we plopped into bed.

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Happily, our alarm went off at 6:00am.  After getting ready, we picked up our rental car, grabbed some breakfast at Starbucks and drove to Disneyland.  We arrived in the Micky and Friends parking garage before the crowd, hopped onto the tram and off to Downtown Disney we went.  Excitedly we worked our way to the entrance of California Adventure.  Purchasing our tickets online made our start super easy and within minutes we were starting our exciting impromptu weekend getaway.

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Our day started with meeting Anna and Elsa, getting Fastpass tickets to Radiator Springs Racers, and just riding every ride and meeting every character possible.  With the light morning crowds we were able to do just that.  We meet the characters, rode Midway Mania twice, rode The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and many more.  After a couple of hours in Disney’s California Adventure, we crossed over to Disneyland!!

Disneyland proved to be just as amazing!  Our day at the park included rides such as Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tea Cups, and character spotting of many princesses, Tinkerbell, Mickey and Minnie and more.  Disneyland did get much busier in the afternoon so we were pleased that we were able to experience so much early on.  Our day proved to be an adventure of making many memories with our own Princess Emma.

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So, why would we go to Disneyland on a whim?  Disneyland holds a special place in our hearts.  We began going to Disneyland when our youngest son was two years old.  We have had many, many wonderful family vacations in both Disneyland and DisneyWorld parks.  We even experienced a Disney Cruise which was outstanding!!  Our boys loved family vacations that included Disney and now we are spreading the Disney love to our Grandson, Kaden.  Just a few short months and we will be headed to DisneyWorld for Kaden’s second trip and we will have our entire family together again!  Disney and the memories that our family has made through the help of Disney is truly priceless.   

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Disney is the Happiest place on earth where families make memories to hold in their hearts forever!  Thank you for the memories Disney!

St. Patrick’s Day Fun Run

Ready to Run!

Runnin of the Green 7K was held in Denver, CO on Sunday, March 12, 2017.  It was a cold, windy morning in downtown Denver where the wind whirled around the buildings creating a chilly atmosphere.  All the runners and volunteers were exceptionally excited with all the creative, green outfits and determination to do our best while we run the streets of Denver.

The atmosphere was extraordinary with the Irish Dancers and the bagpiper’s music filling the air.  All the runners lined the street ready to get warm and to begin their run.  As the run started, I realized that the course was not going to be easy.  The roads are going to be hilly and the course is going to be rough but we were ready for that challenge.


The run began and I was determined to be the best I can be.  Everything was in line for a good run, my music is set, my watch started properly, and my wingman was by my side.

As I ran the course, I notice the amazingly beautiful city that we live in with the mountains in the distance, the stadiums in the area, and tall buildings of downtown Denver.  Wow, how lucky am I to be able to see this city by foot with no obstacles in my way.

As I run this course, I also realize the different people who are running and walking in the Runnin of the Green 7K.  I realize that we all come from different walks of life but today we come together for one goal, one dream.  We come together to cheer each other on and to congratulate each other as runners.  There is nothing better than the comaraderie of runners who are positive influences on each other running the streets with determination.

As we cross the finish line and our run comes to an end, I notice a friend standing there cheering us on, I give her a high five.  Gary and I bump fists and congratulate each other.  We know that we put our best effort into this run, we know that our training has paid off and will pay off as we prepare for the run; Colfax 10 miler being held in April.







The running season has begun here in Colorado and we are determined to prove that we can accomplish every goal that we set for 2017.  Happy Running!!

Time to Run Again

The year is new, the air is crisp and the energy all around is fresh with new beginnings.  The excitement is in the air for everyone to set goals and dream of how they are accomplished.  2017 is going to be great in so many ways and I pledge to start it out right!

Gary and I enjoy working out and training together for each event we encounter.  Our exercise routine for January was amped up a bit with joining Commit to Fit at the recreation center.  This consists of continuing to workout with the girls but add boot camp on Saturdays.  For me, running takes place three days a week and cross training the other three with one rest day for a total of 53 1/2 miles of running in January.

Our first organized running event is sponsored by the Parker Parks and Recreation Center.  It is a local 5K/10K called Love ’em or Leave ’em.  The day started as a beautiful Colorado day for this Valentine’s run!  The weather was perfect except for a little chilling wind.  The event began at 10:00am which was well planned as I did not have to rush out of bed and race to the start.

Run Video

Feeling ready for the 10K, I was excited to get outside and run once again.  All of my running in January was either on a treadmill or a small track so it is a pleasure to run outside!  We arrived at the 10K about 20 minutes prior to the start.  Just enough time for a potty break, stretching and tying shoes one last time.  Arriving a bit early, but not too early, helps in getting everything just perfect so there are no worries along the course.

Although, not everything goes perfect in any run and for me this run was no different.  During most running events, they play the National Anthem to begin and then a count down.  I assumed this run would be no different, so as we waited in line all of the sudden everyone was moving.  I panicked because my watch and music were not ready!!  My legs were moving but my watch lagged behind.  For the first 1/4 of a mile, I messed with my watch to get it started!  I pressed indoor run, then stopped it, then started it, then pushed a few more buttons and then finally just started it again.  I started it with a three mile goal and a run that was inside…oh, well just run the race which is exactly what I did.   

Finally, with my watch started and my music on I could now concentrate on my run.  Never looking at my watch, I counted the miles by the songs I was listening too.  Three songs equals a mile.  I was dead on according to the mile markers laid out by the run coordinators.  Three miles there and three miles back.

As Gary and I ran one in front of the other on the stunning Cherry Creek Trail, we seemed to cruise along enjoying the amazing Colorado view of snow capped mountains, a wooden bridges with a stream underneath, and the winter covered prairie.  Little did I know we were running at an average pace of 10:25 which was a bit faster than our normal pace.  As Gary watched his watch, he wondered if I could keep that pace and to our surprise, we did.  We finished the 10K with a time of 1:04:28.  I ended up 19/39 of females in my age group and Gary ended up 32/41 of males in his age group.  We were pleased and surprised that our first run of the season was a success!

As of now, we are signed up for several more running events and continue to look for more as we travel and as time goes on.  With a goal of running in an event once a month we have planned the following events:

January – No organized running event

February- Love ’em or Leave ’em 10K

March – Runnin’ the Green 7K

April – Pat’s Run 4.2 miles, Cherry Creek Sneak 10 miler

May – Colfax 10 miler, Bolder Boulder 10K, Mermaid Run

June –

July – The Bubble Run 5K

August –

September – Disneyland 10K

October – Chocolate Run 15K

November – Disney’s Wine and Dine 1/2 marathon

December –

We have a few blanks to fill in but 2017 is the year where we will accomplish our running goals and live a healthy lifestyle!  There are so many wonderful running events out there, we are sure to achieve our goals in 2017!

New Year, New You!

Starting off the new year is always such a cleansing moment.  January first is a day that we all feel like we get a new beginning.  A new outlook on ourselves.  It is a time when we all believe we can make ourselves a little bit better.  It is time to set personal and professional goals.  The new year, the new you!!

I was so excited to make my goals this year but really was not sure what those goals should be.  Should I run a full marathon, compete in a body building contest, or continue down the path of fitness?  Well the body building contest is out.  It is difficult for me to put myself in the spotlight.  I prefer to help others achieve their goals, be fit and win those competitions, but never be in the spotlight myself.

Goals…One wise trainer told me that goals are necessary, goals are the most important thing to keep me on track with my fitness, really with my life.  So, what are my 2017 goals???  Colin taught me that with goals, fitness is meaningful and achievable.  Goals keep me on track, goals will allow me to map out my way to success…goals are important to living life to its fullest.

Well, this is a thought to ponder.  Goals must be meaningful, achievable and with hard work and perseverance, they are something that will better me now and in the future.  Goals will keep me young and healthy.  Goals are a must to me!

As I set goals, I make a plan…a map to how I will achieve my goals.  I get out my calendar and map out every day to my success.  My goals are what is important to me.

So what are my goals?  My goal is to look the way I did in Barbados on Dec. 31 2014, it is to complete at least one half marathon on my way to training for a full marathon, and to tone and become lean for that marathon.  My goal is to better myself while motivating others.

My goal is to complete the Air Force Marathon on Sept. 16, 2017.  This is important because my oldest son, Evan is in the Air Force protecting our country, my sister’s birthday, who passed away in 2016, is Sept. 16 and their mascot is an Eagle…the symbol of my father who passed away in 2011.  How can I pass this opportunity to honor those who I love?

So, what are your goals?  Will your goals challenge you?  If your goals don’t challenge you, they won’t change you!  Make your goals for 2017, make them something that you will work toward, make them challenge you, and in the end make sure they are something that you will be proud of.  Goals…a new year, a new YOU!!!

Social Media and Being Healthy

Ran in memory of Michele Griencewic.

Why do people post on social media when they exercise or begin a new healthy eating plan?  Is it to show off?  Is it to brag and get a pat on the back?  Is it to make someone else feel bad that they didn’t workout?  From my eyes it is quiet the opposite, social media keeps people self-motivated, confident and accountable to reaching a personal goal.  The goal of maintaining a desirable weight through healthy eating and daily exercise and posting it on social media acts as a log to many.  It is a persons way of keeping themselves on track.


When I first started working out, I posted more than I do now.  I posted in order to hold myself accountable.  I posted to encourage other but mostly to ensure that I went to the gym each day.  I posted each day as a way to log my progress just as you can do on MyFitnessPal or other apps. The difference is no one is watching my logging on MyFitnessPal (although it is possible) and even if no one is watching on social media your mind is telling you that you will let others down if you eat bad or don’t go to the gym.  You are letting yourself down by not going to the gym or not eating properly.

Hotel with an elliptical in our room!!
Hotel with an elliptical in our room!!

I hear people talking about how they don’t understand why people post pictures of food, running routes, gym check ins or exercise routines on social media.  “Why do people need to publicize it?  I really don’t care…” are some of the comments I hear.  It’s okay if you don’t care.  It’s okay if you skip over any post that you are not interested in but remember, the person who is posting it may be struggling to build a healthier life and may need your encouragement while others are just posting to hold themselves accountable.

1662003_10202277255787307_2013880697_n                 14720553_10208832651668107_188773453221493707_n

Holding yourself accountable is one reason people post on social media.  The need to find support is another.  A third is to build motivation within.  I encourage people to post their pictures…not to brag but to stay on track.  It is more concerning when people stop posting as they are either 1.  In a routine and don’t need to post anymore, 2.  They quit and need encouragement to get started again, or 3. They simply gave up.  If social media is the support system someone needs to live healthy, then keep those posts coming and never give up!

IMG_4157          IMG_4150

If someone is posting their meals or exercise program online, don’t rush to judge but rather encourage them.  Your kind words may be what they need to continue each workout or healthy eating plan.  Maybe you will be the one to help them make a difference in themselves.

Run photo

Social media is a support system in life as it keeps us closer to real friends and family.  Social media can help people… lose weight, maintain healthy eating, exercise and stay on track.  Next time you see a post on diet or exercise…Rather than question, encourage!  Rather than judge, respect and motivate!

‘Tis the season to get into shape!!Positive Voice

Go Grammy, Go: A Grandma’s Great Adventure

Go Grammy, Go is now available on Apple's iBooks Store and Blurb's Store.
Go Grammy, Go is now available on Apple’s iBooks Store and Blurb’s Store.

Go Grammy, Go!!

August, 19, 2015 a precious little guy came into my life, his name is Kaden and he was absolutely perfect.  He had 10 little toes and 10 long fingers. The minute I set eyes on him, I was total in love.  Tears came to my eyes when I entered the hospital room the first time and met this little guy. I knew that this little boy was bigger and better than life itself!  Kaden is my Grandson, my motivation!!

My Grandson Kaden
My Grandson Kaden

My book, Go Grammy, Go, was inspired by Kaden’s birth.  In October 2015, my husband Gary and I were running in a 10K in Golden, Colorado.  As my husband, Gary and I ran around the lake with the beautiful Colorado mountains in a distance and I realized how blessed I am.  When the running got tough, I pictured Kaden holding a huge sign above his little head that said Go Grammy, Go.  I completed the run with a huge smile on my face because I knew that if this little guy was at the finish line, he would be proud.

Go Grammy, Go!
Go Grammy, Go!

During my run, I also realized that the books about Grandparents depict older, chubby, and gray haired men and women. The Grandparents that I know are young, active, and full of life. I am a young-at-heart, Grammy who enjoys taking care of myself.  I work out, run, and stay as active as possible.  I also do not have gray hair!!  (Thanks Mom and Dad for those genes!)


Gary and I live life to its fullest.  It is a must to have something to look forward too, a goal to accomplish or another adventure to discover. Nothing is too silly!  We have enjoyed driving scoot coupes around St. Martin, zip lining and propelling a waterfall in Puerto Vallarta, and have completed seven different half marathons.  Our adventures continue and so will the adventures of Grammy!

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Grammy is here to motivate Grandparents to live life to its fullest and never take life for granted.  It is a book about a young adventurous Grandmother who loves everything from running to zip lining but nothing is better than spending time with her amazing Grandson.  I hope you enjoy Go Grammy, Go as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Go Grammy, Go is now available on Apple's iBooks Store and Blurb's Store.
Go Grammy, Go is now available on Apple’s iBooks Store and Blurb’s Store.

Please download Go Grammy Go on iTunes or Blurb.

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